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Sally May Tan
Business Developer, Author 

Kelvin is someone thoroughly committed to help his clients understand the true value of branding... His team's dedication to understanding our business strategy, coupled with specific brand objectives enabled a successful partnership when we needed to refresh a few of our consumer brands in the education businesses I was managing. Really appreciate the professionalism and quality of work Kelvin demonstrated throughout the process! 

Sally May was Kelvin Emmanuel's client

Isaac Chew
Owner, Moxie Design

Kelvin Emmanuel – clear-headed and cool as a cucumber. This man never fails to keep his composure even in tight situations, knowing precisely how to manoeuvre and what buttons to push to get his ideas across. A natural leader and communicator exuding such infectious charm and finesse. He knows what a company’s branding needs are, recognizing and building on strengths while working around their weaknesses. Certainly a pleasure to have collaborated with him.

Isaac was Kelvin Emmanuel's business associate

Mervin Lee


As the Brand Strategy & Creative Director of Acacia Design, Kelvin was the visionary who guided our brand programs. His insights were invaluable, and many a designer fresh from school earned their chops under his tutelage.

Mervin reported to Kelvin Emmanuel

Jas Foo
Director, Corporate Marketing & Sales

Being his client for many years, Kelvin has never disappoint me in terms of design and creative demand of the last few companies that I worked for. I have known him to be able to provide total devotion to his work and provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Jas was Kelvin Emmanuel's client

Edardy Sukayman

Associate Creative Director

I am grateful to have had Kelvin as a leader and mentor. His patience and professional ethics has given me a broad exposure and guidance to becoming a leader myself. A talented creative, Kelvin is meticulous when it comes to details and quality of work. I have very much respect for him and his team and they can easily rival bigger agencies in Singapore and abroad.

Edardy reported to Kelvin Emmanuel

Brand consultant, design agency, brand strategy, packaging design & freelance creative in Asia. #1 freelance branding consultant.

Glenn Lim

Entrepreneur & Digital Strategist 

This is the man you love to have on your team when it comes to any Brand development. Creative, thoughtful and always spot on. Kelvin brings to life from even the sketchiest of briefs and understands how to meet the brand objectives flawlessly.

Glenn was Kelvin Emmanuel's business associate

Ragnar Brigg

Business and Communication Strategist 

I have worked with Kelvin for over a decade; the level of commitment shown by him in all our projects has been outstanding, on a professional and personal level. Kelvin is not only creative and passionate about his work, in the strict branding sense; he is a keen strategist, with a broad understanding about marketing and business issues in our quickly changing environment. No doubt his entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to be open to new ideas has always been present in his endeavours. These traits are key to how he builds and manages his relationships with clients from very different industries across various markets. I have had the pleasure to hold conferences with him in venues in different countries with very different audiences. These occasions have been great challenges and opportunities for engagement and coordination of ideas and how these can best be developed and then presented to the audiences. I highly recommend Kelvin and wish him on going success in all the avenues that are open to him.

Ragnar was Kelvin Emmanuel's business associate

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